Spartan Warrior Slots

Placing a bet with Spartan Warrior slots is a three-step process that takes seconds. Set your coin value (a penny to $1), activate the number of pay lines (up to 15), and bet up to 5 credits per line. The highest possible bet is $75. You can max out the options and have the coin value set at 25 cents for just $18.75 per spin.

With five reels and multiple pay lines, winning combinations occur regularly. Some prizes are minimal, but others are quite substantial. You can win thousands of coins with the right matches.

Payouts You'll Win in Spartan Warrior

With the highest coin value, you can win $5,000 in the base game. It's not a bad return. Here are the payouts and symbols.

  • Wild – 10 to 5,000 coins
  • Ship – 5 to 500 coins
  • Temple – 25 to 400 coins
  • Plate – 20 to 350 coins
  • Goddess – 15 to 300 coins
  • Ace – 6 to 150 coins
  • King – 5 to 100 coins
  • Queen – 4 to 100 coins
  • Jack – 3 to 65 coins
  • 10 – 3 to 65 coins

Those are the base prizes. There's more money to win if you trigger one of the bonuses.

Spartan Warrior Bonus Features You Will Love

Three, four, or five helmets trigger the free spins bonus. You get 10, 20, or 100 free spins, respectively. Those free spins come with tripled payouts. Instead of winning 100 coins with five king symbols, you'd in 300 coins. You can trigger additional free spins. After my initial 10 free spins, I added another batch and won $547 on an $18.75 total wager.

Three or more of the shield triggers an interactive bonus. Choose your weapons and battle your opponent. You win coins when you're successful.

The bonus features are certainly what makes Spartan Warrior slots stand out. Don't miss this historical slot. Look for it today.