Mega Gems Slots

The bigger the better, maybe? We are about to discover what Betsoft has crammed into Mega Gems game. For starters, we can reveal there is a chance to scoop up to 200,000 coins playing it. Few players will manage that, of course, so we must consider whether the game is going to entertain us with a good theme. Shall we see what these gems might hold in store for us?

Reels and pay lines

Five reels mean we should have plenty of lines to bet on. However, while many Betsoft titles boast lots of lines, this is one of several that limit them to just ten.

Coins to consider using

A two-cent coin is the smallest available you can use. It is possible to max this value out at a dollar per coin, while also raising the single-coin line bet to as many as 10 coins a time.

Mega Gems icons to look for

The wild is an unusual one. It features seven hexagons forming one design, with each hexagon shown as a different color. This is restricted to the middle three reels of the game. However, while it can only appear over those reels, it will expand whenever it does appear. This will also trigger a re-spin at no cost to you. The wild reel fixes in position before the other four reels re-spin for a chance at a prize. Should another wild appear during the re-spin, that will fix in place too and a further re-spin is given. That means there is a chance to max this feature out with three wild reels and three re-spins. You can probably guess there is a chance to get some nice prizes if this should occur.

Are there special features involved?

There is a progressive jackpot associated with the Mega Gems slot. However, you can only be in with a chance to scoop it if you play the maximum bet. You would also need to find the expanded jackpot icon on the middle three reels at once for the jackpot to drop. Unless your budget easily allows for that bet, we’d recommend you don’t try for it. The odds are long and it is a quick way to blow through your money.

Prepare to play the Mega Gems slot today

Jackpot aside, Mega Gems is a great game to play, if a little simple for some players. What do you make of it?