The Tipsy Tourist Slots

We’ve probably all seen a few tourists who are a bit on the tipsy side. Maybe we would admit to having been a bit tipsy ourselves while on vacation. We must say we have never seen a slot based on this theme before, although we have played a few vacation-themed ones, so we guess those are similar.

Let’s meet The Tipsy Tourist today to see what the game has in store for us.

Reels and pay lines

No doubt you have played games with a similar format before. There are five reels and 20 lines in action here.

Coins to consider using

This isn’t a penny slot, but it does qualify as the next best thing. You can look for a two-cent minimum per line or bet as much as $100 per line.

The Tipsy Tourist icons to look for

Look for a sign telling you the way to a beach party. Maybe that is where the tourist will get tipsy? The sign is the substitute for the game, anyway. Only the scatter symbols cannot be replaced by this, and yes, that means you have more than one to look for.

Are there special features involved?

The first scatter is a cup. If this appears on reels one, two, and three, you will play the Drinking Bonus. A coin is tossed to determine whether your character takes a drink, or the opponent does. The idea is to try and win the drinking competition to net some coins.

The second scatter comes in the guise of a beach ball. This must also appear three times on the reels before you can play some free games. When this happens, eight freebies are given to you. There is a chance to win more before you begin play, though. Any wilds that appear during these games will be sticky. That means they will appear and remain wherever they land for the rest of the free spins.

Prepare to play The Tipsy Tourist slot today

The Tipsy Tourist has a nice selection of colors in play and lots of great features to look out for. With two scatters, each triggering a separate bonus, there is a lot to play for if you want to head to that beach party. Will you get the better of the tipsy tourist or will you simply have a great time playing it?