Wrath of Medusa Slots

No one who knows the story of Medusa would want to feel her wrath. The woman with snakes for hair turned men to stone. Thankfully, she was only a myth. At least, we think she was. We hope she was.

We can see here in the slot game called Wrath of Medusa, the game we are going to review for you here. You’re safe from her gaze, fortunately, but what else might the game offer?

Developer information

If you enjoy slot games from Rival, you now have another one to add to your collection.

Is there a demo option available?

Yes, you can try this if you wish. We always suggest starting this way if you’re new to the game. It gives you more scope on how the game might pan out.

The theme takes us to ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks and their Gods have long been a popular source of inspiration for online slot games. We have another one here to play, based on one of the most infamous characters from those times.

One of the most striking designs Rival has released

If their future slots continue in a similar vein, we should be ready for some impressive games coming soon to their collection. We find ourselves in Medusa’s lair – and it does look like a lair, with the remains of soldiers she has long since turned to stone.

The reels are inside a temple-style surround in the center of your screen. You should look out for Medusa to appear too, along with another soldier to try and take her down.

What should you expect from the Wrath of Medusa slot game?

The five-reel format carrying three icons per reel is present once again here. Medusa was always going to take on the best role as the wild, and she does this with panache. Appearing on any of the middle three reels, she expands to complete the entire reel whenever she turns up.

The Greek hero, Perseus, appears during the game as well, acting as a scatter symbol. He has a vital role to play, which we’ll cover shortly.

A decent payline quantity in action

We like games with 20 lines to cover. They give us lots of possibilities while remaining affordable to play.

Bets start from 20 cents a spin

If you activate every payline at one cent apiece, you’ll get a chance to play from 20 cents per spin. There are other coins available too though, offering total wagers worth up to $50 a time.

Paytable info

The paytable is at the bottom of the game screen. It reveals more about the features in the game, giving you lots of info on what to expect and how many symbols are involved.

Is there a bonus round?

No, the Wrath of Medusa online slot game doesn’t have one of these.

Could you score any free spins?

Find three Perseus symbols – the warrior who took down Medusa in the myth – and you will go through to the free spin feature. First, though, you must discover how many spins you’ll play. Rather than getting a quantity of scatters to trigger a certain amount, three or more scatters reveal three stone soldiers. Pick one of the soldiers and your free spin quantity is revealed to you.

If we tell you that Medusa doesn’t appear during these games, you might be disappointed as she’s the wild. However, don’t worry – Perseus acts as a wild symbol instead. Whenever he shows up, he freezes on the spot and you get a respin of everything else in the game. As such, your free spins could extend to include respins as well.

Information about the return to player value

This is known in shorthand as the RTP value. Our research suggests the value is around 93.86%. You may know the standard value is around 96%, so this game drops well below that. Bear this in mind if you are thinking about playing it.

Our rating for Wrath of Medusa

We liked the game a lot, although the low RTP is a letdown, sadly. Everything else looks good and while there is no bonus, the tweaks you’ll find in the free games give those a different feel. We’re scoring this at 7/10.

What is the best prize you could get?

The top prize is worth 500x your wager, so lower than many other slots provide. With that low RTP as well, you can see why some players might steer well clear of this one.

Is this good just as a demo?

Yes, for sure – the game is wonderful except for the RTP. You wouldn’t need to worry about that if you only played the demo, of course.

Play for real at Rival casinos today

The game is now available for release, so you’ll spot it among the newest games at many casinos carrying Rival titles.

Play on Android and iOS too

Wrath of Medusa is available across all the usual platforms. This means you can try it on a tablet or smartphone along with a computer.