Pinocchio Slots

We think we’ve seen a couple of games based on the wooden boy idea, but this is by far the best. It should be, as Betsoft has developed it. Not only do we get all the familiar elements of the story in play, we also get to explore three worlds. These take us to Gepetto’s workshop, before visiting the puppet show and then the classroom Pinocchio is taught in. Are you ready to find out more?

Reels and pay lines

Pinocchio slots game is in 3D, so the five reels look great and offer us 15 lines to bet on too.

Coins to consider using

A two-cent coin is the cheapest you can use here, with a dollar as the biggest amount. As with other Betsoft titles, this one allows up to five coins per line as well.

Pinocchio icons to look for

We have three scatters in use here, with each one appearing in its relevant world. You will see Gepetto, Books, or a Wagon depending on whether you’re in the workshop, the classroom, or on stage. They can only appear on the odd-numbered reels, with each one triggering a wild bonus. This varies depending on the world you’re in. You can also expect some re-spins to pop up if the circumstances allow for it. This is certainly a game we would recommend trying the demo for first, so you can see whether you like what you’re going to play.

The game begins in Wood Boy Mode and when five Real Boy icons appear, you can switch to Real Boy Mode. Once in that part of the game, try and collect Wood Boy icons to return to the other mode.

Are there special features involved?

Fairy Awesome Respins allow you to try and sneak in a five-symbol win if only four icons appear on a line. If one of the first three reels was the one to miss out on the five-icon line, the fairy may show up and respin it for you for another chance.

The game includes symbols to be collected too. As you collect them, you will get closer to switching worlds and discovering another part of the game.

Prepare to play the Pinocchio slot today

This is a huge game, probably one of the biggest ever released by Betsoft. Could it be one of the best too?