Lucky 7 Slots

BetSoft has been well known for designing some of the best retro online slot games in the industry and they’ve done a great job with their Lucky 7 Slot game, as well. This slot game is polished and smooth, making it a perfect choice for beginning players or advanced players who appreciate simplicity and high returns. It will remind players of the classic slots of Vegas, while still allowing them to enjoy the slot gaming experience from the comfort of their own home or office. After all, slots don’t always need flashy extras in order to pay out big.

Nostalgic Sounds & Clear Graphics: Lucky 7 Slots

There is nothing more annoying than terrible background music on a modern slot game. In fact, most players will mute the background sounds, because it’s distracting and aggravating. However, Lucky 7 Slots doesn’t have background music, so there will be no need to push “mute”. Instead, it gives players the sounds of a traditional slot machine and the overall Vegas experience. The game has a distinct “spin” sound that players will find charming, as well as “winning” sounds that will bring smiles to their faces. The sounds are subtle and authentic, which is just another reason BetSoft is at the top of the classic online slot developing game. In addition, the graphics are clear and unassuming. Due to their simplicity, the game runs quickly and seamlessly.

Different Viewing Options Give Players Control: Lucky 7 Slots

Something we don’t see a lot is the ability for players to choose the way they view their online slot, but Lucky 7 Slots allows them to do just that. Players can play in normal mode or they can choose to play in zoom mode where they’ll see a handle to pull and more. The zoom mode can help players feel as if they’re literally sitting in front of a Vegas slot machine. This feature allows the player to be in control of their overall online slot gaming experience and is a definite perk to playing Lucky 7 Slots.

Simple And Effective: Lucky 7 Slots

While there aren’t any bonus rounds, features, or free spins opportunities, Lucky 7 Slots still offers players the chance to win up to 5,000 coins. This is quite impressive, given the traditional design of the slot itself. Overall, Lucky 7 Slots is an ideal choice for those who have great appreciation for slots of the past, yet still want the chance to win large prizes.