Gemini Joker Slots

The Betsoft slot "Gemini Joker" is a fun and entertaining game for casual players. It has a lot of pace, and it has a couple of nice bonus features. If you're looking for a game that will keep you playing for a few short bursts, then this is a great choice.

Due to the fact that Betsoft games are available in the US, we thought that we would review some of their latest offerings, such as "Gemini Joker". In this article, we'll talk about what makes this game so entertaining.

The game features five reels, three rows, and five betlines. It's a classic slot that's very similar to many of the fruit machines that Betsoft has released. Its charismatic character also stands beside the playing field at various times. This makes the game feel alive and entertaining.

The production values of "Gemini Joker" are high, but don't expect a lot of fireworks. The game's mathematical mode is designed to cater to the casual crowd. Its volatility medium ensures that you don't have to deal with crazy swings.

The maximum prize that you can win with "Gemini Joker" is only 875x your bet. Its betting range allows players to gamble from £0.10 to £10. The exact theoretical RTP of the game is not yet revealed, but it will become available after the release of the game.


There are only five pay symbols in "Gemini Joker." This means that the game has a fairly small selection of symbols. The design of the symbols is very well-designed. The high payouts that the game can offer are due to the combination of star and fruit symbols. There are also two types of Wilds that appear randomly.

One of the Wilds in "Gemini Joker" is a 2x multiplier that can award you with a maximum win of 32x. In addition, it can also trigger the stacked Reel Respin feature if two or more identical symbols appear on the first two rows. This feature is only available if the first two rows of the game have no winning lines.

The first two reels will remain in place, while the other three will get respins. This feature can also trigger the Multiplier Wheel, which can award you with a random win multiplier of up to 10x.

Bonus Rounds

The goal of the game is to land as many of the two eccentric characters as possible. The Golden and the Normal Jokers are respectively Wild and Normal. The former is the Multiplier Wild, while the latter is the normal wild.

When three or more matching symbols appear on the first two reels, the Free Respin feature will start. The first two reels will lock until the end of the spin, while the remaining ones will spin.

The wild symbols will double up when they appear on the screen. The Red and the Golden Jokers are the standard wilds, while the latter drops a 2x multiplier. When five of these appear on the screen, you win a cash prize of 32x your stake.

The next bonus game that you can play is the Multiplier Wheel, which will activate once a full screen of matching symbols appears. This feature is very simple to use, as it displays different values ranging from 2x to 10x. For instance, if you land on the 10x multiplier, your winning combination will increase by 10x.

Final Thoughts

Although it's not a criticism, "Gemini Joker" is one of those slot games that you'll play for a couple of sessions and then forget about. Despite this, it's still a good game if you're looking for something simple. The lack of depth and the difficulty of the Multiplier Wheel feature make it hard to trigger, but it's still a fun game to play. As a bonus, it's also a US-friendly game that will be available in online casinos in the US.