Winsanity Slots

Winsanity Slots
Winsanity is a classic slot from Rival Gaming. This three-reel, one-line game doesn't really have a definitive theme. But, true to the name, it does promise large payouts thanks to wild multiplier symbols. We're going to cover these multipliers along with other aspects in this Winsanity review.

Graphics and symbols

Winsanity may be a classic slot, but it does have some flair. The background features stars and various shades of green. The multi-colored reels are colored purple and blue, which combines to create a pretty crazy atmosphere.

The symbols are all basic and are found in many classic games. These icons include a single BAR, double BAR, triple BAR, quadruple BAR, 7, and multipliers. While the quadruple BAR is fairly unique, everything other symbol is rather simple.

Betting options

This single-line game provides the ability to change coin size from $0.01 to $10. You can also use one, two, or three coins per round. These options create a total betting range going from $0.01 to $30.

Every payout and multiplier increases proportionately based on your bet size. For example, the jackpot is worth either 1,000 coins (1-credit bet), 2,000 coins (2 credits), or 3,000 coins (3 credits).

That said, you gain no strategic advantage by betting anymore than a single coin. Many other classic slots, in contrast, do offer more jackpot value when on a three-coin wager.

Pay table

Here are the payouts for each symbol based on a three-credit wager:

  • 2x + 4x + 6x
  • = 3,000 coins
  • Quadruple BAR
  • = 60 coins
  • Triple BAR
  • = 45 coins
  • Double BAR
  • = 30 coins
  • Single BAR
  • = 15 coins
  • 7
  • = 12 coins
  • Any three BARs
  • = 3 coins

Winsanity bonus

This game doesn't have any traditional bonuses, such as free spins or a second-screen round. However, it does feature various multipliers that will boost your payouts.

The multipliers include 2x, 4x, and 6x. Each one acts as a wild symbol, substituting for any other icon to form wins. For example, a 6x multiplier that helps form a double BAR prize (30 coins on three-credit wager) would pay 180 coins (6 x 30).

As shown in the pay table section, the three multipliers deliver the jackpot when combining for a win. Again, this jackpot increases proportionately as you bet more coins.

Winsanity RTP

The Winsanity return to player (RTP) is only 94.26%. This low payback is the biggest weakness to Winsanity. In comparison, most online slots offer between 95% and 97% RTP.

Play for free or real money

You can enjoy Winsanity through demo play. Simply visit a Rival Gaming casino and register for an account. Once your account is approved, you can play Winsanity or any other available slot. Of course, you can also play for real money by making a deposit too.

Final thoughts on Winsanity slots

This game offers a few likable aspects, including its wild graphics, multipliers, and simple gameplay. Basically, Winsanity is the perfect slot if you're looking for fun without having to overthink betting options and other aspects.

Downsides to this slot include low RTP and a lack of bonuses. The RTP is definitely below average, while wild multipliers serve as the only interesting features. Taking the good with the bad, Winsanity is worth trying at least once if you're into classic slots.