Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots
Betsoft has always been an innovator in terms of 3D graphics in the online slots world. But they truly outdid themselves in 2013 when they released Sugar Pop. Designed to be a slots version of Candy Crush, this game features stellar 3D graphics, especially considering that it was launched 5 years ago.

Capitalizing again on one of their most-popular slots, Betsoft has now released Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped. This game retains much of what made the original Sugar Pop such a hit. But does Sugar Pop 2 have anything to make itself stand out? Find out as we review this game's format, special features, and mobile play.

Cluster Pays & Exploding Wins

One of the most-exciting things about Sugar Pop 2 is all the payouts you can form. This game not only has the exploding wins feature, but also a big 7x7 grid.

As you may know, exploding wins cause icons from winning combinations to disappear, allowing symbols from above to take their place. The first Sugar Pop also has this feature, and it's nice to see the sequel retain exploding wins.

The 7x7 grid in Sugar Pop 2 allows 49 symbols on the screen at once. This differs from the predecessor game, which has a smaller 5x5 grid.

Sugar Pop 2 features cluster pays, meaning symbols must touch each other to form winning payouts. Contrast this to standard online slots, where you must form wins through paylines.

Level Up and Earn Special Candies

You'll see a glass meter on the right side of the reels that looks like a machine. The goal is to fill this meter by earning Level-Up symbols. The amount of symbols you need varies based on your current level.

Once the meter fills all the way, you'll advance a level and move closer towards unlocking a special candy. Here are the different special candies that you collect by unlocking levels:

Level 1 = Gumdrop: absorbs a certain color on the board and explodes. Level 5 = Caramel Chew: travels around the grid and destroys candies in its path. Level 9 = Candy Cane: explodes all symbols in the same column and row. Level 13 = Lollipop: shuffles symbols around to help form wins. Level 17 = Fizzy Pop Candy: causes random candy symbols to explode. Level 21 = Jelly Bean Cannon: shoots jellybeans onto the board and causes them to explode. Level 25 = Morphing Golden Wild: substitutes for adjacent candies to form cluster wins. Level 29 = Sweet Hammer: hits the board up to 9 times and crushes candies.

All of these special candies boost your chances of forming wins in one way or another. But the later-level candies improve your odds even more.

Other Special Features in Sugar Pop 2

Other features that you can look forward to in this game include wild symbols, a Candy Bomb, and a double-up option.

If you get 5 Candy Wild symbols in a cluster, they leave behind a wild icon that can be used with the regular symbols.

Forming a win with 5 or more icons forms a Cluster Bomb, which explodes to include more symbols in the win. The Cluster Bomb can affect anywhere from 6-20 icons, depending upon how many symbols originally appear in the payout.

You can try to double up your prizes following any wins. This option allows you to choose whether to gamble 50% or all of your win. The goal is to pick whether a coin will land on heads or tails.

Play Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped on Your Smartphone

In answer to the original question, yes, Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped does have some features that separate it from the original game. This includes an added double-up option, a 7x7 grid, and new special candies.

The larger grid is the biggest change, because this gives you an opportunity to form even more wins per turn. Fans of gambling their winnings will also appreciate the double-up feature. And if you enjoyed the leveling up and special candies in the first game, then you'll like unlocking new special candies in Sugar Pop 2.

In summary, we definitely recommend that you give Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped a try. This game lives up to the original and even adds some new twists.