Hobo's Hoard Slots

Hobo's Hoard slots features a charming old hobo who simply wants to make money and continue on his way. The game comes off as older, but it's still certain to impress.

Graphics and audio are pretty basic, but the bonus features can be rewarding. Don't let the simplicity of the game fool you. For bonuses, there are two. One gives you free spins. The other is a pick 'em game where you can win thousands of coins.

Coin values in this five-reel slot game start at a penny and go as high as $1. Risk up to five coins per line. You have 15 lines in all, so the highest possible wager is $75.

Here Are the Most Valuable Symbols

The base of the paytable is formed by a selection of fruit. They pay token amounts, so while they help you recoup a bet, they won't help you reap huge amounts of cash. They include cherries, lemons, apples, oranges, and an odd purple pineapple. The shopping cart and hobo's bag pay up to 250 coins, so they're slightly better.

The hobo is better. In his box, he's worth up to 500 coins. With dollar signs in his eyes, he pays up to 750 coins. The best symbols of them all is the wild trash can. Get five of those and win 7,500 coins.

While I usually have no luck hitting the bigger winning combinations, about five minutes into Hobo's Hoard slots, I got five of the dollar sign hobos on a total bet of $18.75 and won more than $930. I'm happy with that. I got the bonus game four spins later and won $125.

Choose Your Person and Win a Prize in the Bonus Game

Three bonus symbols gives you a prize of 1x, four gets you 2x, and five gets you 50x. In addition to that prize, you're also shown several people standing on the street. Choose one and win extra cash. I chose the old woman and won 3,000x.

In addition to the bonus symbol, there's a free spins symbol. Three or more of those gives you 10 free spins. Plus, you'll get a payout of 1x, 2x, or 50x using the same terms as the pick 'em bonus.

Give the reels a spin and see if the hobo will share his wealth with you. You don't have to risk much. Try Hobo's Hoard slots today.