ChilliPop Slots

ChilliPop slots is the newest addition to the Betsoft Slots3 series. This series features some of Betsoft's best work in terms of graphics and animations.

ChillePop slots compares well to its predecessors by offering stellar graphics and plenty of cool features. You can look forward to cluster wins and a unique bonus feature in this game. Let's continue discussing what this 5-reel slot offers in the way of atmosphere, features, and graphics.

Heat Up Your Bankroll with Hot Peppers

ChilliPop takes place in a small Mexican village that features various buildings lining both sides of the reels. This does a nice job of setting the rural Mexican theme. You'll also hear a mariachi soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere.

The goal in this game is to form payout clusters with various vegetables, including garlic, onions, tomatoes, and different-colored peppers. The green peppers are the tastiest and highest-paying symbol.

Other important icons include a mule and a pinata. The latter substitutes for everything except the mule, which is a bonus icon. The pinata also multiplies wins based on how many of these wild icons help form payouts.

Format & Betting Options

You earn payouts in this game by forming clusters of the same symbols. You need at least three symbols to be touching in order to collect a prize.

Every time that you create a payout, these symbols will explode and allow new icons to take their place. This leads to a rolling reels effect that allows you earn bigger wins within any given round.

You must bet a minimum of $0.50 per spin. You can change your coin size from $0.01 to $1, which creates a minimum and maximum bet of $0.50 and $50, respectively.

Other options include autoplay, turbo play, and the ability to turn the music off. Autoplay lets you keep the reels spinning automatically with your chosen betting preferences, while turbo play makes the reels spin quicker.

ChilliPop Slots Special Features - Free Spins & Mule Trail

The mule is a bonus symbol that triggers free spins whenever it lands three or more times in a cluster. You can trigger anywhere from 5-26 free spins with the mule.

Another feature is the mule trail, which allows you to expand the reels up to 8x8. You'll see containers for the mule scatter symbols on the left-hand side of the screen. Filling one or more of the containers will gradually increase the size the reels.

This game also features a gamble option, which helps you double winning payouts. Just select the gamble button after a win, flip a coin, and see if it lands on heads or tails. Guess correctly and you'll double your payout.

ChilliPop Slots RTP Is Average

Return to player (RTP) for ChilliPop slots is 95.38%, which is average when compared to other internet slots. Most games pay anywhere from 95% to 96% RTP.

Cook Up Delicious Payouts with ChilliPop Slots

This game is worth trying for multiple reasons, including its quality graphics, cluster payouts, and multiple features.

Betsoft always does a good job of creating unique slots with good animations. ChilliPop is no different, because it offers a solid atmosphere and great-looking symbols.

We'd like to see another feature or two added to this game. But we'll certainly settle for the free spins and mule trail. That said, you should definitely check out ChillePop slots.