Almighty Dollar Slots

Almighty Dollar Slots

A few things stand out with Almighty Dollar slots. It's a three-reel slot, but the five pay lines allow for plenty of winning spins. Coin values may start at a penny, but you can go up to $5, so it's a game with plenty of range. Bet up to three coins on up to five pay lines for a maximum bet of $75. For that, you can win free spins and tripled prizes when a wild is involved.

Trumpets roar as banners fall from the heavens to show you the bonus features. Click the arrow to get started. You'll want to set your wager and spin the reels or turn on autoplay.

How Much Can You Win?

The bottom of the paytable starts the halo. Depending on your how many credits you've bet, you can win 2x, 4x, or 6x. The harp and horn are next with prizes of 3x, 6x, or 9x. The lion, woman, and man are next and pay 5 to 15x (lion), 6 to 18x (woman), and 10 to 30x (man).

The remaining two symbols pay the most. The golden 7 pays 15 to 45x. The 3x symbol is a wild and pays the most at 150, 300, or 450x. Any winnings that include the 3x wild are tripled, which helps lead to bigger prizes in the base game.

Free Spins Can Quickly Add Up

Get two free spins symbols on the reels and you get seven free spins. If you get all three, you win 21 free spins. As you enjoy the free spins, you can get more free spins symbols and add to your free spins total.

Winnings Build Rapidly

As an example of how much and how often you'll win, here's what happened when I placed a total bet of $7.50 and spun the reels 10 times.

  • 1 - Nothing
  • 2 - $22.50
  • 3 - Nothing
  • 4 - Nothing
  • 5 - $27
  • 6 - $18
  • 7 - Nothing
  • 8 - $27
  • 9 - $4.50
  • 10 - $18

I spent $75 in all on those 10 spins, but the winnings led to a gain of $42. I find that pretty impressive.

Try it yourself, spin the reels of Almighty Dollar slots 10 times. It's very likely that you'll find the winnings more than makes up for the amount you bet. Have fun winning when you play this angelic slot.