Gladiator Slots

Would you be prepared to face a gladiator if you had to? In times gone by, in ancient Rome, gladiators often faced competitors to try and win competitions - and possibly to try and escape with their lives. Since the game is based on gladiators in Rome, you can expect to see lots of Roman-themed icons in this game.

Reels and win lines

The game adopts five reels and uses 30 lines as well.

Coins to consider using

You can wager up to five coins per line to play this game. Each coin can be worth from two cents up to one dollar, so you have lots of options here.

Gladiator icons to look for

The Coliseum is one of the most famous buildings in Rome. Here, it is also important as it is used as a scatter icon. That means if you find an appropriate quantity, the scatter prizes are on offer to be won.

Are there special features involved?

So, is there a wild to look for? You can trigger various wild elements as you play the game, as we are about to show you. Firstly, the princess can appear in the first spot on reels two through to four. Should this occur, a 2x wild feature will trigger. The princess scatters rose petals over certain symbols, changing them to 2x wilds. If you win anything, those prizes are then awarded.

The gladiator awards the Gladiator Smash wild reel whenever he shows up on the third reel. This results in that reel going completely wild. Another bonus is triggered when three doors appear on the same paid line. Pick a door and see what prize is hidden there. One door will tell you to collect but avoid that and you can receive prizes from the other doors first!

Finally, there is a Prepare for Battle feature that is triggered by the hero, Coliseum, and villain appearing over reels one to three or two to four. If your chosen gladiator knocks out the enemy, you will win a nice prize (although even if you lose, you'll win something smaller).

Prepare to play the Gladiator slot today

Gladiator is packed with plenty of entertaining features. You often see this in the more recent Betsoft games - and this is one of them. Will you get the most out of the Gladiator slot game?