Chariots of Fire Slots

Do you enjoy history? Do you enjoy ancient Roman history to be specific? Did you like the HBO series Rome? Did you like the classic movie Gladiator? Well my friends there is no need to book a ticket to Vegas to gamble it up at Caesar's on the lovely Vegas strip. Rather, there is a great internet slot machine game entitled Chariots of Fire slots. You can play this game on your computer or you can even play Chariots of Fire slotson your mobile device!

The game has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. A gambler has a lot of financial flexibility in terms of what He or She can wager. Let's talk reel symbols. The usual suspects of poker symbols 9, 10, A, Q, J and K appear in Chariots of Fire slots just like they usually do in most online slot machines. The game is about the ancient Roman military so it is logical that a crossbow appears as a slot machine reel symbol. Another reel symbol is a Roman military shield.

An innovative feature in Chariots is the fact the game offers free spins. Let's say you are playing the game and 3 free spin icons pop up on the slot machine reels. This will trigger 8 free spins. There is an 2 times multiplier on your winnings during the free spins. This is an outstanding way for you, the gambler, to win even more money during the game.

The graphics and different ways to win free spins set this game apart as one of the better online slot machine games. Both new and veteran online gamblers will enjoy this game immensely. This is a well made game that takes a theme from history and presents it in a fun and exciting way.

Dare to try to become as wealthy as an Emperor!

Do you want to live like an ancient Roman Emperor? The ancient Roman nobility had immense amounts of wealth. This afforded them the luxuries of palaces and servants and whatever their hearts could desire. Do you want to be able to buy whatever your heart desires? That costs money. One way to get money is to win money. A way to win money is through online gambling. Make a deposit on your favorite online casino. Play Chariots of Fire slot. Wager money. Play the maximum number of lines and bet as much as you can. Try to win a big jackpot and live your dreams of wealth, power, and prestige today!