Considering the overload of Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Halloween slots, Easter is a holiday that doesn't get much credence in the gaming world. But Eggstravaganza is one game that pays homage to this holiday and the Easter bunny. That said, if you're looking for a fun slot to enjoy while eating your chocolate bunny, keep reading as we discuss everything you need to know about Eggstravaganza.

Symbols and Theme

While this game could've gone in a number of directions with the theme and background, they chose a grassy meadow with a wooden fence. Unlike the symbols, this background doesn't do a great job of representing the theme.

But the graphics are solid, as are the nature sounds that you'll hear while playing. The main thing we don't like, though, is the music since it gets old pretty quick.

As for symbols, you'll see a colorful Easter egg, bunny, chick, butterfly, flower, hat, Easter basket, and chocolate bunny. Most of these symbols are dedicated to the holiday surrounding Jesus' resurrection, but some represent nature in general. While the detail in these symbols isn't outstanding, they still look fun and blend well with the theme.

Betting Options

This is a 3-reel, one-payline game, so you don't have to worry about adjusting paylines. But you can change both your coin size and coins per line.

Coin size can be adjusted from $0.01 to $10.00, while you can use between 1 and 3 coins per turn.This makes the minimum bet worth one cent, and the max worth $30.00 per spin.

You won't have any incentive to use a coin size larger than one cent, but you should wager 3 credits to maximize the jackpot value.

To explain this, consider that every symbol increases proportionally in value when you add a coin - i.e. the brown bunny pays 100 coins (1-coin bet), 200 coins (2-coin bet), and 300 coins (3-coin bet).

But the jackpot, which is triggered with 3 Easter eggs, pays 750 coins (1 coin), 1,500 coins (2 coins), and 2,500 coins (3 coins). Given the increase on the 3-coin bet, you'll want to wager 3 credits.

Eggstravaganza Slots Special Features and Bonuses

The only special feature is triggered via the brown bunny. This animal offers 5 free spins w/ a 3x multiplier with one icon, and 10 free spins w/ a 5x multiplier with 2 symbols.

Considering that you get free spins with multipliers, sometimes it's better to only land 1-2 bunnies, rather than the three that net you a 300-coin prize

Final Thoughts on Eggstravaganza Slots

One again, Easter is one of the least-represented holidays in the slots world. So it's nice that Eggstravaganza covers this spring celebration in the form of a decent online slot.

Our favorite parts of this game include fun symbols, a simple format, nature sounds, and free spins w/ multipliers. The one thing that we'd definitely change is the music, which sounds like a jungle tune instead of Easter.

Of course, you can always mute the volume if you don't like hearing it. And the music shouldn't be enough to stop you from enjoying this game if you like classic slots.