Fixer Upper Slots

Given the popularity of home improvement shows, it's not surprising to find a five-reel slot with this theme. The couple in Fixer Upper slots have bought a rundown home and find it needs some major repairs. They're certain they can turn this house into a stunning family home.

In Fixer Upper slots, there are 20 pay lines in all. Set the coin value (1 cent to 25 cents) and wager up to 10 credits per line. The most you can risk is $50 per spin. No matter what you wager, you can win as much as 8,888x on a line.

The Wild Ladder Leads to the Highest Prizes

The ladder is a wild symbol. If you get more than one of them on the reels, you can get a multiplier equal to the number of wilds on the screen. If you have two of them, you get a 2x multiplier. If you get four, you gain a 4x multiplier.

The man is the next highest in value. He pays up to 500x. He's followed by the shovel (20 to 400x), paint cans (15 to 300x), paintbrushes (5 to 200x), and staple guns (4 to 125x). The lowest paying symbols include the tape measure (3 to 100x), drills (2 to 75x), and a saw or hammer (2 to 60x).

The Wrench Leads to the Bonus Game

Three or more wrench symbols triggers an interactive bonus game. In this bonus, you'll earn cash for fixing up the house. You might paint walls, work on the plumbing, or clear the yard of pests. No matter what task you face, there is substantial cash awaiting you.

The Female Homeowner Rewards You With Free Spins

Get three or more of the female homeowner and win 15, 30, or 50 free spins. In those free spins, you might get expanding wilds to increase the potential of winning larger prizes. You also get a multiplier of 1x to 5x during free spins if there are wilds appearing on the reels. One wild gives you a 3x multiplier. Two wilds lead to a 4x multiplier. If you get three wilds, you get a 5x multiplier.

When you play Fixer Upper slots, you can control the audio. You'll want to. The song playing in the background is very repetitious and replays the same five-second stretch over and over. The other audio that gets annoying occurs at random. The male homeowner walks onto the reels, loosens a pipe with a noise that sounds like a barking seal, and gets a face full of water.

With the audio settings where you want them and your bet placed, spin the reels. The multipliers, free spins, and bonus feature can really help you rake in some cash. Try Fixer Upper slots now.