Vegas Joker Slots

Flashy animations and intricate storylines are what most online slot games are composed of these days. Many players love the extra bells and whistles, but there are many players who long for the classic slot days and Vegas Joker Slots gives them that retro vibe they crave. Vegas Joker Slots is a classic online slot game developed by BetSoft Gaming group. This three reel, five pay line vintage slot game helps players remember what old Vegas was really all about. With throw-back graphics and flashing lights, players can feel transported to the traditional Vegas casinos on The Strip.

The View From The Retro Days: Vegas Joker Slots

While it’s quite simple in design, Vegas Joker Slots takes up a full screen with fun colors, flashing buttons, and a realistic old-school slot presentation. The game comes with sounds like are very realistic to older slot machines, as well. Those who appreciate times past will love the way BetSoft has created a retro feel with updated graphics. Players can see the reels, the pay table, the Click Bet (where players choose between one or two coins to wager), the Coin Display (where players choose their coin value size), the Spin button, and the Collect button (where players can transfer their winnings to their bank roll). As always, the maximum bet will give players the best chance of winning the biggest pay out and Vegas Joker Slots comes with a Bet Max button for those who want to go big every time.

Classic Symbols For A Classic Game: Vegas Joker Slots

The symbols of Vegas Joker Slots are retro as well and include cherries, bars, and double bars. It can’t get more traditional with slot symbols than that! There are also triple bars and triple sevens, but they are much more infrequently seen on the reels. The game does come with one special symbol, which is the Jester symbol. This symbol can help the player trigger a random reward. The reward can be from small to very large.

Double Your Chances In Vegas Joker Slots

To put a slight spin on a traditional design, BetSoft did add an extra layer to Vegas Joker Slots. Players can actually play a second set of reels that they’ll see on the top of the gaming screen. This set of reels also has three reels and five pay lines. However, on these reels the symbols are a bit different, also including horseshoes, bells, and diamonds. The thrilling part of this set of reels is that a player has to win on the second set of reels or they’ll lose what they’d won on the first set. So, it’s a bit of a gamble feature.