Magic Lines Slots

Game developers are noticing a call from players for more traditional and classic slot games in today’s online casino industry. There is a very big trend toward simpler and easier to understand online slot games. As a response, highly respected online casino developing companies like BetSoft are creating games like Magic Lines Slots. Magic Lines Slots is retro in style, with fruit and bells, three reels, and only five pay lines. However, to add a slightly more thrilling possibility, BetSoft did add a repeat function to the game. Players who love traditional slots, but also want a little modern-feel to their gaming will love Magic Lines Slots.

Retro Symbols Without Extras Make Magic Lines Slots Easy To Understand

Since it was built and designed as a traditional slot, players won’t find special symbols like Wilds and Scatters in Magic Lines Slots. The game pretty much features retro symbols of fruit and bells. Fruits that are featured include, cherries, lemons, pears, oranges, blueberries, and grapes. The entire background and positioning of the pay table is very traditional and what players would except to have seen when slots first came to the market. There is a 3x3 grid and a pay table to the right that shows what a player will when if they match three symbols. Of course, the pay table is quite easy to follow as well. Basically, if a player matches three symbols they will win 20 coins. There is no jackpot to follow, either.

Players can start playing by choosing their coin value, which starts at $0.02. There is a maximum limit of betting two coins per line, as well. The top prize for this game is 800 credits.

Repeat Feature Brings More Thrills: Magic Lines Slots

While there aren’t many fancy features to Magic Lines Slots, there is a repeat feature. This feature is activated when a player matches three of any symbol on a pay line. Players can see what’s happening by watching the arrows that are above the game’s grid, as well as the arrows on the side. Players have the chance to hit the “Start/Stop” button while both the Stop sign and the arrows are lit up. If the player is successful in doing this, they’ll get to advance to the next round of this feature. For round two, the player must press the “Start/Stop” button while the light is lighting up the Repeater symbol. If they are successful in this task, they’ll win double the prize. Of course, it takes some skill and good timing to be able to pull this off.