Sugar Pop Slots

There are no prizes for guessing this slot is going to present us with a sugar-coated theme. It does this very well, too, although you may feel your teeth start to ache at the number of sugary treats lying around. Look at all that candy! Will some of it be good for us in this case, though?

Reels and pay lines

Sugar Pop gives us a larger 5 x 5 layout to contend with, making it unusual right from the start. There are 50 lines in action over those five reels.

Coins to consider using

You can wager two cents on each line, with the maximum value being one dollar. All the lines must be played in this slot, with another option being to wager up to five coins per line.

Sugar Pop icons to look for

The reels are filled with candy. To scoop a prize, you must find three or more touching candies that match each other. The more you get, the bigger the prize. Candies within the successful combo will pop and new ones will then appear.

There are special candies involved here too. For example, Super Color Candies are worth watching for whenever four identical candies join each other. The Super Color Candies can garner a bigger prize if another one turns up. A Color Bomb is achieved whenever five candies are involved in a prize. The idea is that the bomb takes out all matching candies of that color elsewhere on the reels.

Are there special features involved?

This game also has different levels to progress through. Each one has its own special candies to watch out for. Does it remind you a bit of a certain famous candy game you can download? We bet it does. Sugar Pop stands on its own two feet though and is a nice twist to the usual slot games you have probably played.

Prepare to play the Sugar Pop slot today

Sugar Pop has lots to enjoy and is a charming game packed with color. The levels bring in a new way to play a slot game too, and while they do remind us of another game, they do work well in this instance. It may take a while to get used to how it works, but we think it is worth exploring all the different elements if you can.