Pigskin Payout Slots

Pigskin Payout Slots
Sure, there are many football slots, but there are several good reasons to pick Pigskin Payout slots. The music sounds like a marching band, the cheering crowd gets you eager to spin, and the Jackpot Can't Lose feature makes sure you feel rewarded.

Football Themed Symbols Pay Generous Prizes

At heart, Pigskin Payout is all about football. You have a range of symbols that bring you into the action. From the players to the concessions, it's all here.

Four symbols make up the lower tier of the paytable. The foam finger pays 3 to 50 coins, while the beer and nachos pay 4 to 65 coins. The football pays 5 to 75 coins. The 50-yard line pays 5 to 100 coins.

Things improve from there. You have the mascot that's worth 6 to 150 coins. The referee pays up to 300 coins. The two players are best of all. While the defensive lineman pays 15 to 300 coins, the quarterback is exciting with a top prize of 1,500 coins. Plus, the quarterback offers a token prize if he appears just twice on a pay line.

That leaves three remaining symbols. The wild cheerleader is fantastic with payouts of up to 7,500 coins. She also doubles prizes when she is part of the winning line. The Jackpot symbol pays 30 to 1,000 coins. There's also the stadium scatter that triggers a bonus feature you will love triggering.

Wait Until You Trigger the Jackpot Can't Lose Bonus Feature

Three, four, or five scatter stadiums trigger this bonus feature. If you get a trio of stadiums, you get 5 free spins. Four lead to 10 free spins. If you're lucky enough to get all 5, you get 25 free spins. Free spins come with three extra perks.

One of the perks is that any winnings accrued during the free spin bonus are tripled. That 7,500 coin prize the cheerleader can deliver increases to 22,500 coins. Plus, the first and fifth reels become wild reels. To ensure you win, the paytable switches so that extra symbols gain a prize if just two matches are on a pay line. It's impossible to lose, and every spin can deliver tremendous payouts.

To put this in perspective, I triggered the bonus feature with three stadium scatters. My total winnings came to $591. All of this for a spin that cost me a total of $10.

Coin values start at a penny, so you can play Pigskin Payout with 10 credits per line and all 20 pay lines for $2 per spin. The maximum bet is $50 (10 credits, 20 lines, and a 25-cent coin). Spin the reels, see what happens, and enjoy the cash you'll win on this football slot.