Major Moolah Slots

Moolah is a slang word for money. So, if we’re talking about major money in the title of the Major Moolah slot game, it gives us an idea of what is involved here.

The game is simpler than you might expect, but there is still a lot to get through as we tackle another in-depth slot game review for you here. If you haven’t played Major Moolah yet, here’s what you ought to know before you do so.

Do we know the identity of the game developer?

We do – it’s Rival Gaming. They’ve got a giant collection of slots to try. They’re famous for i-Slots, but this one doesn’t fall into that category.

Demo access is there if you want it

It means you can see what the game involves, albeit while using a demo balance and foregoing any chance of winning a real prize.

A money-based theme

No surprises there with that title in action. The background is filled with gold coins and stars. There is a classic touch to this one as well, something you’ll see as we cover the design next on our list.

The Major Moolah design

Gold, red, and blue all appear in this game. It gives it a nice, rich, and sharp appearance. The reels themselves are large enough, but the game is a single-screen effort, meaning the paytable appears next to those reels as well.

Let’s dive into the Major Moolah slot game

The appearance of the paytable beside the reels should hint at this being a three-reel slot game. There is a jackpot too, shown above the game logo. This is the Major Moolah element, and it can go quite high. Of course, the value depends on when someone last won it.

There are no wilds in this game, and since we have just three reels, a scatter is out of the question too.

The best icon to mention is a gold coin featuring a star on it. You can get the cheapest prize by finding just one of these on the line. Two would score a prize too, while three on the line gets you the second-best prize of the lot.

Can you work out how many lines are involved?

There are still several possibilities whenever a three-reel slot appears. However, this one takes on the original format of offering just one line.

Aimed at bigger bettors

Most slots include several coin values, but this one flies in the face of that. You can only bet with a dollar coin.

That said, you can decide to wager one, two, or three of those coins on the line. It means the betting range goes from $1 to $3.

Paytable details are easy to find

The game puts the paytable and its three columns (one for each coin bet) to the left of the reels.

No bonus in this game

The only thing you could call a bonus is the presence of that progressive jackpot.

Free spins don’t appear anywhere either

It’s all about that jackpot, right?

What’s the RTP like?

It looks as though this one sits at around the 96% mark, which is average for a slot and above several other Rival titles.

Our rating for the Major Moolah online slot

If you like three-reel game that are as simple as it’s possible to get, this is a good one. You do need to be ready for the larger bets though, especially as the odds of winning the jackpot are long.

How do you get the top prize?

You need to find three MM logo icons across the payline to snag the jackpot. However, the progressive only pays out on a three-coin wager.

If you play one or two coins and receive those logos across the payline, you’ll get 750 or 1,500 coins, respectively. Way lower than the jackpot, of course.

Play the demo to test it out

If you are unsure about the game, the demo should help you work out whether you like it enough to play. If you do, you can think about whether your budget would stand you spinning the reels of this one. They obviously didn’t design this one for penny slot players.

Check out the real thing at the best Rival casinos online today

Lots of casinos run on Rival software, so if you find one of those, you should find the Major Moolah slot in the three-reel game collection.

Try it on mobile too

If you find you’re never near a computer these days and only go online via a tablet or smartphone, don’t worry. You can play Major Moolah slots on iOS and Android too.