Future Fortunes Slots

Nostradamus was believed to be able to predict the future. Future Fortunes slots honors his and other seers' beliefs by trying to bring good fortune your way. In the 20 pay line game, you can wager a penny to 25 cents per coin and up to 10 coins per line. Bet as much as $50 on this bonus slot game.

Boost Payouts With the Help of the Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is the game's wild symbol. It helps form bigger winning combinations. You win a prize any time three matching symbols or matching symbols and wilds appear together on an active pay line. Payout ranges are:

  • Illuminati or The Oracle – 3 to 65x
  • Gypsy's Wagon – 4 to 100x
  • Palm – 5 to 100x
  • Nostradamus – 6 to 150x
  • Magic 8 Ball 15 to 300x
  • Fortune Cookie – 20 to 350x
  • Fortune Teller – 25 to 400x

The gypsy only needs two matching symbols in order to win 5x. She pays as much as 500x. The highest paying symbol is the crystal ball wild. It pays 10 to 5,000x and also just needs two symbols on a pay line in order to win a prize.

Two Bonus Features Await Players

The Ouija board triggers the first of two bonus features. Three or more of the Ouija boards deliver a free spins bonus where you cannot lose. You get five free spins and each spin is guaranteed to be a winner. Extra wilds pile up on the reels to make sure you win prizes.

The Tarot cards trigger the other bonus feature. In this bonus, pick one of the fortune teller's cards. What you pick determines how much cash you win.

The free spins bonus seemed much easier to trigger than the bonus game. After 100 spins, I'd triggered the free spins bonus three times, but I never did trigger the bonus game. The free spins bonus is worth it, however, as I was winning hundreds of dollars each time.

Try it out. The guaranteed wins in free spins make this game a real pleasure. Play Future Fortunes now and see if great wealth is awaiting you.