Chances are that you're never going to break into a bank vault for fear that you'll spend your next 10 years in prison. But Bust-A-Vault lets you rob the bank without consequences. This is your standard 3-reeler that includes many retro symbols that were popular throughout the 1970s through 90s. The only difference here is that you have a few more betting options than players did back in those days. Let's discuss these betting options along with everything else that Bust-A-Vault has to offer.

Symbols and Betting

As just mentioned, you'll see a lot of time-honored slots symbols like cherries, oranges, lemons and BAR symbols. About the only thing missing are the classic '7' symbols.

You'll also see bank vaults (hence the name), which pay 2,000 coins if you can get three of these in a payline. The bank vault is also wild, substituting for any other symbol and offering a 3x multiplier on winning combinations if it appears twice.

The betting options here are somewhat versatile for a single-payline, 3-reel game. You can change the coin size from $0.01-$10.00 while you can place 1-3 coins on the payline. This gives you the ability to wager as much as $30.00 per spin or just $0.10 per spin.

Bust-A-Vault Slots Special Features

It's little surprise that there are no real special features to speak of in this game. After all, classic one-payline games don't usually offer many frills. The closest thing to a special feature here is the wild bank vault, and the fact that it pays 3x when appearing twice in a winning combination.

One more thing that we should discuss here is how many coins you should play per turn. Even if you only bet one penny on each spin, you should use all three coins so that the jackpot offers more value. To illustrate, every payout increases proportionately as you add a coin - i.e. three cherries pay 100 coins (1 coin), 200 coins (2 coins) or 300 coins. However, three bank vaults pay 500 coins (1 coin), 1,000 coins (2 coins) and 2,000 coins (3 coins).

As you can see, there's a disproportionate 1,000-coin jump in the 3-coin jackpot payout, which makes it a better strategy to play all three coins just in case you win big.

Crack the Code with Bust-A-Vault

This game obviously caters to those who like classic slots without all the bells and whistles. So if you fall into this category, then Bust-A-Vault slots will be a good game for you. However, those who are into more-sophisticated video slots probably won't get much entertainment from this slots game.