Best Of Luck

Rival Gaming's Best of Luck slots has one of the stranger introductions for what the game is really about. The beginning shows a suit-wearing man walking into a spooky, spider-filled attic, where he finds a treasure chest full of gems and lucky charms. Anyways, it makes for an intriguing intro when set against the backdrop of the scary music. The symbols - all signs of good luck - represent what's in the chest, and the in-game music is a hopeful tune that's opposite of the eerie music at the beginning. Keep reading as we discuss the symbols, betting options and 6 different bonus rounds in this game.

Symbols and Betting

A wishbone, acorn, lucky rabbit's foot, four-leaf clover, skeleton keys, lucky penny, ladybug, horseshoe, elephant (w/ trunk up), green emerald and cat statue (w/ paw raised) are the symbols that you'll find here. Again, these are all symbols of good luck, which will hopefully bring you good fortune as you play!

The emerald is the highest-paying normal symbol, and it nets you 7,500 coins when you get five of these in a payline. The cat statue is wild, and it substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter to form winning combinations. Beyond this, the cat statue is also worth the most money, paying you 10,000 coins when you get 5 of these in a payline.

Best of Luck Special Features

One place where Best of Luck really shines is in its bonus features. First off, when you get 3 or more bags of gems anywhere on the reels, you'll receive between 4 and 6 free spins. Each free spin triggers a bonus round that involves doing one of the following six things:

Wishbone - Break a wishbone to see if you get the larger part. Ladybug - Unfortunately, you'll be trying to squish the ladybug for profits. Skeleton Keys - Try to pick the correct key that'll unlock more bonus prizes for you. Lucky Penny - Choose heads or tails; pick right and you'll earn a nice payout. Rabbit's Foot - Catch the speedy rabbit for an extra payout. Four-leaf Clover - Pick the lucky leaf off a clover.

If you're able to trigger the bonus round three times during the same free spins, then you'll get an additional three free spins. As you can see, most of these bonus rounds aren't extremely in depth. However, the fact that you can play six second-screen games is a definite plus.

Original Theme and Multiple Bonus Rounds makes this your Lucky Slot

If there's one word to describe Best of Luck slots, it is "unique." As discussed earlier, the weird-but-intriguing intro sets you up for what's a different slots game all around. Add in the six bonus rounds, and Best of Luck is great for anybody who's searching for a different kind of game.