Strike Gold Slots

Strike Gold slots is a very easy, extremely rewarding game. Everything in this progressive jackpot slot involves shining gold coins or copper, silver, and gold bars. The best symbol of all can lead to impressive jackpots.

To play, bet one or two coins on the line. The coin size is automatically set at $1, so the most you can ever bet is $2 per spin. For that, you can win a progressive jackpot that often exceeds $10,000 with a two-coin wager or $2,000 with a one-coin wager.

Win the Jackpot With the Strike Gold Logo

Three of the Strike Gold logos lead to the 2,000 coin prize on a one-credit wager or the jackpot if you bet two credits. It's also a wild symbol. When it's on a winning line once, you double your prize. If you get two of the wilds with another symbol for a win, the prize quadruples.

The rest of the prizes come from the gold coins, bars, or pot of gold. Prizes depend on whether you risk one or two credits on the line.

Pots of gold pay 60 or 120 coins. You have gold, silver, and copper bars. Copper bars are single bars, while silver bars are doubles and gold bars are triples. A mix of bars pays 2 or 4 coins. Copper bars pay 10 or 20 coins. Silver bars pay 15 or 30 coins. Three gold bars pay 20 or 40 coins.

The remaining symbol in the game is the gold coin. It pays 40 to 80 coins if you have three of them on the line. You win 1 or 2 coins if two gold coins appear on the line.

Spin the Reels and See What Happens

When you've placed your bet, spin the reels. You can also hit the blue autoplay button if you'd like the computer to spin for you. You can turn sounds on and off as desired and set the game speed. Give it a try. You might win that huge progressive jackpot with your $2 maximum bet. Play Strike Gold slots now.