One Million Reels BC Slots

You don't have to make many choices when you play One Million Reels BC slots. The coin value is automatically set at 25 cents. The only choice you make is if you want to bet one, two, or three credits on the pay lines. You can activate up to 5 pay lines.

My suggestion is to go for the max bet. It's only going to cost you $3.75 per spin. For that, you're eligible to win the progressive jackpot that can put thousands in your pocket with just a spin of the reels.

Here's What I Won Playing This Three-Reel Video Slot

You can win thousands with the progressive jackpot. I opted to bet the maximum and see what 10 spins landed me. On the very first spin, I won $7.50 with three matching dinosaur eggs on the fifth line. I repeated that on the fourth spin, so I was already up to $15 in winnings after just four spins.

On the seventh spin, I won $3.75 with three different dinosaur eggs. I won another $7.50 with two winning lines on the eighth spin. My tenth spin led to two winning lines worth $15. I didn't gain a lot, but I did win more than I paid out.

You Can Only Win the Progressive if You Choose Three Credits

As it costs so little to bet three credits, it makes the most sense. A one-credit wager gets you prizes of 10 to 1,000 coins. Double that for a two-credit wager. Betting all three credits is the only way to win the progressive jackpot. You'll win it by getting three dinosaurs. For the other symbols, eggs pay 5 to 300 coins and come in three sizes. The caveman and woman pay 450 and 900 coins, respectively.

Play One Million Reels BC slots now. With a jackpot that keeps growing, you could win thousands with just one spin of the reels. What a stunning day you'd have winning all that cash.