Global Cup Soccer Slots

Three reels and a single pay line make Global Cup Soccer slots easy to play. When you win, it's also a very rewarding game. For the best payouts, pick the three-credit wager.

With coin values starting at a penny and going up to $50, there is great range in terms of your total bet. High rollers can go to the maximum $150 per spin, but those who are a little more cautious can bet three credits and pay as little as three cents.

Prizes for a Three-Credit Bet Start at 3x

Betting three credits puts the lowest possible prize at three times your coin value. If you set the coin value to $1, you'll make back your bet each time you get one soccer ball. Two soccer balls deliver a 15x prize.

There are single, double, and triple bars in Global Cup Soccer. A mixture of them pays 15x. Three single bars pay 60x. Double and triple bars filling a row pay 90x or 120x.

There are three trophies. A mix of gold, silver, and bronze trophies on the line pays 30x. All bronze pays 180x while all silver pays 240x. If you get three gold trophies, you in 300x.

The soccer ball and referee are the final two symbols. The soccer balls pay 600x when they fill a line. The referee pays the most at 2,500x.

You don't have to wager all three credits, but the prizes are biggest if you do. Should you opt not to, your prizes on a two-credit wager drop to 2x to 1,500x. A one-credit wager has prizes of 1x to 750x.

It's a No-Frills Game

There are no special features in Global Cup Soccer slots, but the payouts are decent. With the coin value set at $1, five spins led to winnings of $18. It's not a huge gain, but it's still a gain. Give it a try and see how you do.