Incan Rich Slots

Rival Gaming has published yet another adventure based classic bringing the Ancient Inca civilization to current day! Incan Rich Slots is a true epic in terms of visuals and soundscapes, and the rewards are just another layer of fun to be had! Incan Rich Slots

offers 94.99% RTP and low variance! Wagers range from a fifth of a single credit to a maximum bet of 50 credits, and the three by four by five by four by three reel provides so many paylines and pathways to win!

Rival has included an array of dazzling and rewarding Inca totems which bless the player with different levels of payouts. Varying symbols include llamas, stone crosses, masks, flowers, slings, Inca axes and Inca crowns! These symbols range in scarcity with Inca crowns being the most rare and valuable of the bunch! Players can collect anywhere from three of a kind to five of a kind to active the bonuses and multipliers each square provides. Collecting five Inca crowns can reveal a bonus of 300 times the initial wager!

Incan Rich Slots includes an array of fun features including Scatter wins, bonus rounds, a speciality gamble feature of of course theInti Ray'mirata Free Spins! Scatter symbols are drawn throughout the reel and when collected in sets of three, they activate free spins for the player! The Inti Ray'mirata Free Spins is free spin mechanic players earn via collecting gold coins. These spins can also stack so players can collect no only free spins, but more gold coins which inevitably lead to more spins and more earnings! Bonus rounds include the sacred Inca statues in which players pick and choose the ones worth the most coins.

The gamble feature is something special to the game publisher Rival. Players have a chance at double or nothing after each turn in case the winnings weren't big enough or the player wants to really up the ante! This all or nothing game mode is for those willing to take a risk and earn big from it!

Players can hop in today at and! There are many ways to play as Rival optimized Incan Rich Slots for both Mobile and Desktop! Players can hop in risk free with the credit filled demo mode, or take a chance with the real game and have the opportunity to earn massive winnings in a state of the art slots title!