Chicken Little

Chicken Little (a.k.a. Henny Penny) is a folktale about a chicken who thinks that the sky is falling after an acorn falls on its head. The chicken runs to tell the king and, along the way, meets other animals who follow him. Chicken Little slots remains true to the story since the background features the chick and other fowl running scared.

If you've ever heard the tale or watched the 2005 Disney movie Chicken Little, you should find the background entertaining. But what else does Chicken Little slots have to offer? Find out as we cover its symbols, theme, betting options, and special features.

Symbols and Theme

This game's symbols include: the chick, duck, hen, acorns, 3 BAR, 2 BAR, and BAR.

The chick is the highest-paying symbol, offering 4,000 coins (on 3-coin bet) when it appears 5 times in a pay line. The chicken is also the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols to form winning combinations.

We described the theme earlier, but it's worth expanding on the background. The picture of the chicken, duck, and hen running/flying frantically towards the king offers quality cartoon graphics while accurately portraying the original story.

We're not saying that this game is visual masterpiece, but it's good enough to satisfy players who enjoy lighthearted slots.

Betting Options

Chicken Little is a 3-reel, single pay line online slot, which doesn't appear to give you an abundance of options.

But you do have some options, including the ability to change coin size from $0.01 to $10.00 and put 1-3 coins on the pay line. This makes the minimum bet worth one cent per spin and the max wager worth $30.00.

Given that you get a favorable jump in the chicken payout (2k coins to 4k coins) when betting 3 coins, we suggest that you at least bet 3 one cent coins per spin.

Chicken Little Special Features and Bonuses

As long as the chicken wild symbol appears one time in a winning pay line, your payout will be multiplied 2x.

For example, if you get 3 ducks in a pay line, you'll receive 420 coins, rather than the standard 210 coins for this payout.

Like most single pay line slots, Chicken Little doesn't offer any free spins or second-screen bonus rounds. But the multiplier on wild-symbol wins is at least nice.

Final Thoughts on Chicken Little Slots

Given that Chicken Little is a 3-reel, 1-pay line slot, it's not going to wow you with special features and cool animations. But this is still a fun game for anybody who likes simple gameplay with a small learning curve.

We also like the symbol and background graphics, which put a playful spin on this story. That said, give Chicken Little a try if you appreciate classic slots with solid graphics.