Surf Paradise Slots

Seagulls squawk and waves crash in the background in Surf Paradise slots. The three-reel slot game is a quick and easy slot to play. It's also a very rewarding game with a top prize of 2,000 coins.

Waves are the key to big payouts. The amount you win depends on whether you've bet one or two credits. All following prizes list both the one and two-credit prizes in that order.

Surfboards, Three Types of Bars, Palm Trees, and Waves Fill the Reels

Surfboards are the lowest paying symbol, but they don't require a full line, so that makes it an easy symbol to win with. One sur board pays 1 or 2 coins. Two pay 3 or 6 coins. All three pay 15 or 30 coins.

There are single, double, and triple bars. A mix of them pays 5 or 10 coins. The line filled with single bars pays 30 or 60 coins. Double and triple bars pay 40 or 80 coins and 50 or 100 coins, respectively.

Palm trees pay 70 or 140 coins. If you get a combination of palm trees and waves, you'll win 60 or 120 coins. Waves pay the most. Single-credit bets pay 750 for three waves. You'll win 2,000 coins if you have bet two credits.

Is It Easy to Win?

To test this out, I set the coin value at $1, picked two credits, and gave the reels a total of 10 spins. The total cost of those spins was $20. Here were the results.

  • Spin 1 - $2 win
  • Spin 2 - $2 win
  • Spins 3 and 4 – nothing won
  • Spin 5 - $6 win
  • Spin 6 - $10 win
  • Spin 7, 8, and 9 – nothing won
  • Spin 10 - $2

In all, I won $22. While I didn't win a lot, I did gain $2 in the end.

Are you ready to get started? Set your wager. You can bet one or two credits on the single pay line. Coin values go as high as $25. With the highest possible wager, you'll $50 per spin. Set your wager and spin the reels. Before you know it, you might take home a whopping 2,000 coins.

Once you've decided how much to risk, the rest is easy. The red spin button is on the right, but you can pick the blue autoplay button if you'd prefer to let the computer spin for you. It's time to win. Play Surf Paradise slots now.