Metal Detector Slots

You may want to turn down the volume at first. The static noises that kick off Metal Detector slots are not pleasant. You can bypass it by skipping the animated opening and getting right to the game.

With two bonus features, this game makes it pretty easy to win substantial amounts of cash. Even the base prizes aren't too bad. The 10 and J pay up to 250x. The Q and K pay as much as 300x. The A is the highest of the bottom paytable symbols and pays up to 400x. You need three matching symbols in order to win a prize with these symbols.

The mid-tier symbols include the chalice and watch that pay up to 500x. The gun and pendant pay up to 800x. Those offer a prize with just two matching symbols, so it's pretty easy to win something with the majority of your spins.

The three highest prizes include the gold coins and diamond ring that pay up to 1,000x. The treasure chest is highest with a top prize of 2,000x. They also require only two matching symbols in order to win a prize.

You Can Trigger One of Two Bonus Games

When you play, you may trigger one of two bonus games. Three or more map symbols trigger the Map bonus. Pick an X and see how many free spins you get. Your next choice involves a location to dig. This gives you a multiplier to go with the free spins.

Three or more Detector Dude symbols triggers the other bonus feature. In this game, you walk along a beach and watch the meter on your metal detector. When the conditions are right, click the "dig" arrow and see what you find. You can win thousands of coins if you choose well.

It's Time to Play

In case you're wondering how well people do on Metal Detector slots, the RTP is at 95 percent. I did pretty well. In five spins ($7.50 per spin for a total of $37.50), I won:

  • Spin 1 and 4 – No prize
  • Spin 2 - $19.50
  • Spin 3 - $8
  • Spin 5 - $12

It wasn't a huge payout, but I still gained back what I spent. After 10 more spins, I triggered the free spins bonus and won $268.50 with 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier.

In this five-reel slot, you bet up to 5 credits on as many as 15 pay lines. Coin values range from a penny to $1, which puts the max bet at $75 per spin. There are controls for audio and game speed. Customize the game to your preferences and spin. Play Metal Detector slots now.