Madder Scientist Slots

If you like playing Betsoft slots, you may recall the Mad Scientist title they released a while back. Lots of players liked this one, with plenty of great features included in that game. It was perhaps only a matter of time before Betsoft followed it up with a sequel, and in this one he is madder still. But is that good or bad news for you?

His lab looks better in this one, but he looks as if he hasn’t done anything to his hair since the last game – not even washed it. Are you ready to see what else has changed?

Reels and pay lines

Five reels are provided in the game, along with 30 lines – more than the original offered.

Coins to consider using

Two cents are good to start with on each line, but you can increase this to 50 cents or raise the wager to as many as five coins per line.

Madder Scientist icons to look for

Beakers often pop up in a lab, and if you find three of them on the reels, you can pick one to reveal a prize. This is an on-reels Click Me feature. However, one beaker has a collect message behind it, so avoid this if possible.

Switches are good to find too. Three of these in a spin will transform a random reel into a complete wild reel. You then receive several re-spins of the remaining reels.

Are there special features involved?

The game comes with a feature that allows you to place a wager on a respun reel following the completion of a spin. If you are close to a winning combination, this could be considered, but it does mean you bet more and there’s no guarantee you’ll scoop anything.

Your next task is to find three carrots in a spin. If you manage to do that, you can see what this mad scientist will do when he performs experiments on them. Poor carrots! You are going to assist in this experiment though, and we can just hope that doing so will result in some prizes.

Prepare to play the Madder Scientist slot today

This slot comes packed with various features, all giving you a chance to look for coins on the reels. With carrots, switches, and beakers to search for, you never know what the next spin might bring.