Doo-Wop Daddy-O

Diners, ice cream sundaes, Elvis, leather jackets, records, and roller skates are just some of the iconic images of the 1950s. And Rival Gaming recreates this iconic era through Doo-Wop Daddy-O slots. The name is a generic phrase used to describe 50s music and TV shows, which included plenty of doo-wop's and daddy-o's.

Let's discuss the finer points of this 5-reel, 20-payline game by looking at its symbols, betting options, bonus features, and offer our final thoughts.

Symbols and Theme

Doo-Wop Daddy-O slots opens with a fun introduction that shows a diner worker serving up a milkshake, a beautiful blonde woman, a record playing, and a leather jacket-clad man drag racing down the street.

The game background is just as impressive since you'll see a checkered diner floor, while the area outside the reels looks like a neon jukebox. Every time you hit a payout, you'll see the title and winning symbols light up in neon.

Moving to the music, you'll hear a 50s-style tune playing every time you spin the reels. Each time you get a win, either a piano or guitar sound will play. The music and background graphics do an excellent job of creating a 1950s feeling.

The same can be said of the symbols, which include: a muscle car (bonus), neon diner sign (wild), ice cream sundae (free spins), motorcycle (jackpot), leather-jacket guy, blonde woman, diner worker, brunette woman, pink poodle, roller skates, jukebox, and record.

The diner sign not only substitutes for other symbols to form wins, but it also pays the most at 10,000 coins for 5 symbols in a payline.

Betting Options

You can change your coin size from $0.01 to $0.25, coins per line from 1-10, and paylines from 1-20. This allows low rollers to bet as little as one cent, while high rollers can risk up to $50.00 per spin.

Real money players also have the option to autospin the reels for a specified number of spins.

Doo-Wop Daddy-O Slots Special Features and Bonuses

One of the best things about Doo-Wop Daddy-O slots is that it offers several special features, including the following:

Free Spins - Milkshakes can land anywhere on the reels and trigger 10 free spins (3 symbols), 20 free spins (4 symbols), and 50 free spins (5 symbols).

Jackpot - The motorcycle is the jackpot symbol, offering 5x (2 symbols), 30x (3 symbols), 150x (4 symbols), or 600x (5 symbols) your triggering bet.

Bonus Round - The muscle car triggers a drag-racing bonus when it appears 3 or more times anywhere on the reels. In the bonus, you choose your car and hope that it wins the race so you earn the largest bonus payout.

Scatter Payouts - The car also offers a scatter payout, delivering 1x (3 symbols), 5x (4 symbols), or 40x (5 symbols) your triggering bet.

Final Thoughts on Doo-Wop Daddy-O Slots

If you like 1950s culture and enjoy movies like Grease, then you're going to love Doo-Wop Daddy-O slots. This game does a good job of representing the time era with a fun introduction video, great background, and appropriate symbols. Doo-Wop Daddy-O will also appeal to slots lovers in general thanks to its multiple bonus features, including the exciting drag-racing round.

That said, we recommend Doo-Wop Daddy-O slots to both lovers of 50s movies & culture, as well as slots players in general.