Atomic Age

The 1950s represented a post-World War II era where many thought that all future energy would be atomic in nature. Thus the "Atomic Age" was born, which is where this slots game takes off. Designed by Rival Gaming, Atomic Age slots features many iconic images of the 50s. It also includes a couple of exciting bonus rounds along with scatter and wild symbols. Keep reading as we cover all of this and more below.

Symbols and Betting

The introduction video sets you up for Atomic Age by showing a family watching their black-and-white TV, a typical 1950s ranch home, classic cars and an old record player. The same things can pretty much be seen in the symbols, which include a Jell-O mold, ice cream sundae, soda bottle, classic car, rocket, record player, old TV, space atom, cash register and a paint pallet.

The paint pallet is both the wild and jackpot symbol, delivering 7,500 coins if you get five of these in a payline. The cash register and classic car are both scatter symbols, multiplying winning combinations by 1x (3 symbols), 2x (4 symbols) and 50x (5 symbols).

Betting options offer some nice variety here since you can change coin size from $0.01-$1.00, paylines from 1-15, and put 1-5 coins on every payline. You can wager as little as one penny per spin, or wager up to $75.00 per spin with the betting options maxed out.

Atomic Age Special Features

As mentioned before, there are two different bonus rounds involving the cash register and car. Landing 3 cars on the reels takes you to a "Drive In" bonus round, where you choose your character, your dream date, and the perfect drive-in movie to watch. Set up an excellent date and you'll be hauling in a nice payday!

When you get 3 cash registers on the reels, you'll go to the "Register Roundup" bonus game. Here you choose four items from the shelf that you think will add up to $1.50. Among the items you have to pick from include canned ham, cereal, ice cream sundae, meat, salt and soup. It's especially helpful if you're old enough to remember the 50s and the prices back then!

Blast off with Atomic Age Slots!

Atomic Age offers some nice extra fills with the two different bonus rounds. Plus, the graphics do a good job of creating a nostalgic feeling, or at least making it seem like you're in the 50s. And while you may not be up for a history lesson when playing slots, the feel of Atomic Age is the biggest selling point here.